The Coaching Office
"Thanks Mel Feller for your
friendship! I have learned a lot
and I have never been happier
with Real Estate! I bought a 60
unit apartment complex and
your techniques were great!
Thanks for sending the Copy
of your landlord paper back
book plus your new creative
real estate book! I now have a
positive cash flow of $2520.00
US Dollars. I am still located in
BC Canada and looking
forward to flying in to Dallas
Texas to meet you! You were
RIGHT! There is no difference
between Canada and the US."

-Valentine F.
British Columbia, Canada
"I took the course over 1 year
ago and was told it was a 6
month program with 8
sessions. But I had a coach by
the name of Mel Feller who still
allows me to call him and
review possible deals. It is not
just a coaching program it
became a friendship and Mel
has a wealth of knowledge."

-Sandra T
Las Vegas NV
"I bought a coaching program.
The Account Executive told me
I would get the best coach and
boy was he right! My coach
took the already GREAT
materials and explained them
in great detail and then had me
do things that were both in the
materials and most that were
not. I bought 8 sessions but
my coach stayed with me till I
was comfortable. That was 15
sessions and several dozen
proactive sessions later. My
coach was Mel Feller. He really
knows his business and how
to word contracts and how to
really work magic with any
agreements or contracts. Mel
is a great author and really
illustrated over 80 practical
ways to buy real estate with
little or no out of pocket

As if that was not enough Mel
and his wife, Tina, helped me
to prepare the necessary
paper work for a grant to rehab
a section eight flat. That was
another 6 calls later. He
differentiated between grants,
which are harder to get, and
loans, that are relatively easy if
both the property and area
qualifies. He helped me to
obtain funding from these
sources: 531110 Lessors of
Residential Buildings and
Dwellings, $6,000,000 asset
maximum, and 233210 Single
Family Housing Construction
that applies to companies with
assets less than $28,500,000.

He also taught me how the
SBA has quite a few contact
people and how referrals from
them will help non-profit
groups and organizations
assist in the application
funding. He also helped me to
determine if I was eligible for
state grants, subsidies, or tax

-Richard T.
Brooklyn, NY
"I found Mel to be an EXPERT!
He knows and understands
the real estate market like the
back of his hand. He invests in
Texas, Utah and Wyoming so
he needs to understand
investing. I found, by going to
the investment group meetings
and working his program that I
was able to make it happen. I
have Mel's personal cell
number and he makes himself
available anytime by phone
and through emails as well.
Nice to get fast feedback! I
loved Mel’s materials and more
importantly I LOVE MEL!!!"

-Pat Gushura
Austin, TX