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Where Is Your Life At?

If a person will not (and it is a “will not,” not a “can not”)
manage themselves, then life itself becomes
“unmanageable” and “out of control.” There is no choice in
this principle. It is natural law. You drop a rock and it falls.
You don’t manage any part of your life and it falls apart one
way or another.
The Coaches Role in Your Process of Change:

Your coach’s role in your process of change, improvement
and enrichment is to be there as an outside objective
observer, to give feedback, suggestions, motivation, and to
provide accountability.

While this sounds like a simple, and to some an
unnecessary, role in the process of change, ask yourself
these questions:

Why do all the greatest athletes have great coaches?

Why do many of the very best artists, actors, and singers
have the best coaches?

Why is it that when you read the biographies of great men
and women, very often mentioned are the mentors, teachers,
and coaches in their lives?  Their coaches made a difference
assisting them in the achievements of their lives.
What a Coach Can Give You, You Cannot:

A great coach can give you something that few others can –
insight into yourself.  In other words, how you are “wired.”   
What will it take for you to change and work toward your
own best interests today and for the rest of your life? A
coach can do that for you and that means financially,
personally, and in every area of your life.
If You Have Ever Said to Yourself, “If Only”:

How would you like to go back to your past with all you
know now and do things differently? How would you grow
up differently? Would your schooling be different? What
about your choice for a life partner? What kind of partner
would you be? Would you choose a different career or
choose to do your career differently? If you have had
children, would you raise them differently?

These questions are not to create regret or guilt in you, but
rather to assist you in seeing that there were more
possibilities in life than you may have realized. Had you
known what they were at the time and been open to them,
your life would now be very different.  Many of us take
ourselves to a place in life where we sigh, “If only…”  When
really, what we are saying does not just pertain to doing
things differently in the past, but rather, why we can not
change NOW. This is when we get stuck.

A coach is that person in your life that pulls the “If only…”
excuses away from you and inserts the question, “Why not?”

Just because you do not know something does not mean
you cannot learn it.

Just because you are scared is no excuse not to do it.

Just because you have never done it before does not mean
you should not do it now.

Just because you have failed at something in the past does
not mean you will fail now.
A coach, like a very special trusted friend, understands the
complexities of life and takes away the excuses by not
accepting them. This gives you the opportunity to stop
playing helpless and/or dumb.

See yourself differently and go after your dreams. Start

Is the Time Now? Better Yet, Is YOUR Time

If you are going to change, when is the best time to change?
Obviously, NOW!

Are you not getting what you want out of life? Why would
you continue to short yourself, settling for dissatisfaction,
frustration, confusion and feeling overwhelmed, when you
don’t have to? It makes no sense! Up until now that's all you
have known to do.

Face it; you cannot do what you do not know.

But now you know about coaching. There is something
more you can do. Find out now about how one of our
coaches at The Coaching Office can assist you in making a
difference, the REAL difference, in your life. SO START