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Coaching is an activity that has been utilized in business
and personal activities for some time now. However, it
must be understood that coaching is only for someone
who would like to change their situation financially,
career-wise (i.e. start a new business), or to improve their
professional and/or personal skills.

The coaching process is continually evolving. Today
there are many coaching companies, but few truly
understand the original concept of coaching, how it
works, and why it works
.  And more importantly was
there at the time coaching was actually conceived.  We
here at the Coaching Office
do through constant
research, training, and development will always
understand the role of coaching.  

can say we were and we do!

Because so many coaching companies do not
understand this process most students only receive a
smidgen of what coaching is actually about instead of
the “Real Stuff.”

The “Real Stuff” is a combination of what each individual
brings to coaching, information that is learned and
applied, and the interaction of the student with a coach.
These three “elements” and their interaction over a
period of time is what creates real, significant and
desired change.

The Coaching Office's expertise is in the fields of U.S
Canadian, Great Britain,
and Australian government
grants and real estate investing, Forex trading, business
start-up, and internet marketing and sales.

Your journey can begin today!  With the help of the well
respected, and industry leading Mel Feller and his  
friendly, knowledgeable staff and coaches at your side,
your dreams will definitely become a reality!
What is Coaching?  Do You Need A Coach?